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Mat Marketing International has been in the business of manufacturing recycled rubber products for the past 26 years. We are considered as one of the world leaders in technology development and product range.

Tyres constitute 60% of the world’s waste by volume and we, with the help of our partners and subsidiaries, are addressing this problem. Mat Marketing holds a number of patents as well as being the recipient of various industry awards for our ground breaking designs and applications.

We continuously find and develop solutions for customers and are always open to discussion. We pride ourselves in being the industry leaders in our field and are constantly finding ways of improving our existing product range. Mat Marketing has never compromised on product quality or customer service. We firmly believe in maintaining our customers' satisfaction by providing them with top service and products at competitive prices.

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We aim to be a world leader in the supply and development of products utilising recycled rubber composites or derivatives, thereby contributing to the reduction of the global footprint of waste tyres.


We aim to maintain an ethically consistent growth through innovation and mutually beneficial partnerships, committed to maintaining the highest standard of top quality products to customers.


s facing a massive rubber waste disposal problem. The global rubber scrap figure stands at 10-16 million tons and almost 60% of this comes from tyres. In South Africa there are over 10 million new waste tyres generated each which results in approximately 300 000 tons. RSA tyre waste is generated from both the Commercial sectors and the mines. Waste tyres are piling up in illegal storage sites all over the country and present a significant health and fire hazards. Tyres are not desired at landfills due to their large volumes and 75% void space which quickly fill up valuable space. Further, tyres are buoyant and bubble to the surface. At a recent global waste conference it was often stated that Ecofibre solutions had the largest, most innovative range world wide.

  • We are in high level consultation with the Department of Environmental affairs and the South African Bureau of Standards to create a set of standards relating to rubber approvals.
  • We are pursuing an "Agre’ment Fit for Use" certificate.
  • Cladding
  • Bollards
  • Sound absorption products
  • Safety standards in playgrounds
  • Road safety products

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